Snoflies Snowmobile Club is based out of Carman, MB. We are a volunteer club that maintains and grooms 250km of Snofund trails in association with Snoman. Our trail network connects the Carman, Elm Creek, St. Claude, Roseisle, Miami, Roland, Homewood and Sperling communities together. Most years our club consists of about 20 members.

Upcoming Events:

February 15, 10am - 8pm
2020 Poker Derby McGees Family Restaurant
March 2 @ 7:30pm General Meeting Breakaway Restaurant

Crops in Field:

As a result of the early winter storm in October, not all crops were harvested and we ask that all riders respect landowners and stay on the designated trail. Some of these crops may still need to be harvested for crop insurance claims to be valid, while other fields contain alfalfa and should not be disturbed. Venturing off of the trail into fields may be affecting someone’s livelihood and could lead to trail closures. Thank you.